Sunday, November 06, 2005

Time Travel to the Outer Limits

In the next Sci Phi Show, I will be delving into the stange world of time travel. As a starting off point I will be making use of the Episode Time to Time from the remake of the Outer Limits Series. It first aired in 2001. The episode can be found on the
The Outer Limits (The New Series) - Time Travel & Infinity
disc or in the The Outer Limits - The New Series (2005) 6 Disc Boxset.

I have the boxset so likely there will be episodes of the show featuring other Outer Limits Episodes. And from the ones I have watched so far, they are all great, so I can recommend it.

Any questions or ideas you would like explored in particular ? Then email and I will deal with your question on the show.


Blogger Jesse said...

If youre doing time travel please talk about causality and the possible paradoxes it might cause if time travel is possible.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Bob Mottram said...

Time travel paradoxes, such as going back in time and stopping your mother and father from meeting hence preventing your own existence, are common fare in science fiction. It's nearly always assumed that there is only one universe, with only a single time line. If we live in a multiverse, it's not really a problem (if it weren't for those meddling time travel kids).

10:43 PM  

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