Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Crime, Punishment & Precogs in Minority Report

In the next Sci Phi Show, I will be discussing ideas of crime, punishment and justice as found in the 2002 Steven Spielberg film Minority Report which is based on the Philip K Dick short story The Minority Report

Any questions or ideas you would like explored in particular ? Then email thesciphishow@gmail.com and I will deal with your question on the show.


Blogger Jesse said...

The film itself manages, with special effect, to hide much of the philisophical content that was in Dick's original story.

Other Dick films that are worth checking out if you skip the chase sequences are: "Paycheck" and "Imposter" (the DVD for which has a shorter less chase intensive version of the feature length film)

Great premise for a podcast too! Well done!

7:17 AM  
Anonymous overbyte said...

great idea for the podcast - keep it up

i'd like to hear your take on the different religious ideas found in the matrix and how they compare / contradict each other. Religion / philosophy in the matrix has been beaten to death but i've not heard anyone do a direct comparison between the different ideas.

i'd also like to hear discussions about the not-so-obvious messiah stories in films like jerry mcguire (the death and resurrection of the football player, rod tidwell, which seems to be reinforced by the john 3:16 banner hanging right next to where he jumps into the crowd is interesting imo).

really looking forward to the minority report show.


1:49 AM  

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